Who is Romy?

Romy Rigattieri, your private authorised tour Guide

Being a native I am of course deeply in love with this magical city: with the amazing history of the impressively durable life of the Most Serene Republic of Venice and with the breathtaking beauty of the figurative language developed by the Venetians. The amount of wonderful artworks in Venice is just astonishing, endless and almost overwhelming.

I achieved a Master Degree with Honors in Art History at Ca' Foscari University right here in Venice where I had the opportunity of delving more deep into Venetian Art, History, civilization and political institutions (with a strong focus on the Renaissance period). This is why it was just so very natural for me to become a Venice Tour Guide.
My second passion is food and. . . yummy. . . gelato! I'm a real foodie, I can promise you'll be taken to the best places in Venice to try our traditional and tasty cuisine!

If you are looking for a licensed Tour Guide who is also a native Venetian, an expert Art Historian and most of all in love with venetian civilization, then look no further, I am just the right Guide for you!

Please remember that any tour can be totally customized according to your schedules, interests, special needs and wishes. Just let me know what exactly you are looking for, and I'll gladly tailor a perfect tour for you. Let me lead you around to show you my city, its landmarks and places only natives know about; it will be an in depth guided tour of the greatest anchors of Venice exploring the less beaten paths of my city. You'll be able to breathe and feel a totally different atmosphere, not more authentic but different, just the two faces of the same city.

I will only ask you one little thing: while you stroll with me in my beloved Venice, make an effort to try and look at all those amazing surrounding beauties with the eyes of your soul and your imagination. I can promise you will then fall in love with this World Human Heritage for the rest of your life.